Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who is Michelle Obama?

Who is this force of nature that has captivated our lives within the last couple of months? Who is the rock who literally stands by her man? Who is this woman that humbles herself to let her husband shine?

I have never seen a first lady as i now see MY first lady. This woman that stands before me on the television clapping and clasping her hands together looks like that of many women in my family. Could this be? Is this true? At times I have to pinch myself to realize it's a reality. This woman who has the skin tone of my mom, the bone structure of my aunt and the curves of many of the women i know is indeed MY FIRST LADY, but what is behind that name?

Michelle Obama is not the typical house wife, she is not JUST the presidents wife, she is not JUST a mom. She has so much depth, so much achievement, so much to be proud of. Michelle Robinson was born January of 1964. She attended as well as graduated from two highly regarded schools, them being, Princeton University and Harvard Law. She is only the third first lady to graduate with a post graduated degree. Upon graduating Michelle Obama worked for a law firm in which she met he now husband our now President Barack Obama.

As her career continued Michelle Obama held public sector positions Assistant to the Mayor and as Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development. Michelle Obama held many important meaningful positions subsequently which included but not limited to Associate Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago.

In 2007 Michelle Obama made the choice to reduce her personal career responsibilities to help her husband make history. Michelle Obama then started to become a house hold name, she campaigned for her husband. Attended rallies, Gave powerhouse speeches. During this time she employed an all female staff.

Michelle Obama is our future.She is a strong, educated, eloquent, stylish, powerful African American women. She gives our little girls a role model they have so yearned for silently. She gives African American women hope that we too can achieve what she has if and when we set our minds to it. While we have had Oprah and Maya Angelou ( 2 women i look up to after my mom of course) we have never had some one quite like Michelle Obama. Her family portrait is the real live Huxtables, something many only knew as a fairy tale. While I am in awe of My president My First Lady is who I admire!

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