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handmade accessories :-D

Most beautiful woman in the world

Watching Oprah, i saw this stunning woman i have heard so many things about. I never took the time out to seek out who the " Most Beautiful Woman in The World" was but today i finally saw her. She and her husband are a very attractive couple. As im watching a questions peeks in my head. What makes one the Most beautiful woman in the world? Does she fit that role? What is it about her that gets that title?

New Year, New Job

SO i am going back to
well i will be starting my new job this January, I will be back at preschool which i think is my real passion. I do feel that preschool teachers are under appreciated and underpaid but it's what i love. It's in brooklyn which i tried my best not to work in but i guess i see how it goes.
Wish me the best :-D

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SITC 2 Tease Trailer

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Question of the day

How much to you share with your friends about your relationship with your s/o?

Word of the day

Collude: To act in concert; to conspire; to plot.

Sentence: Geannetta had to collude with the other lawyers in order to figure out how to go about the case.

Q no longer in day 26? didnt see that coming ( yeah right)lol

They kicked me out,' Que says, citing differences with band's management.

After a video appeared online over the weekend of Day26's Qwanell "Que" Mosley announcing he was no longer with the band, his manager confirmed the split to MTV News on Monday (December 21). Que said the split had nothing to do with Diddy or Bad Boy, which his manager also confirmed.

In the video, Mosley, speaking from a recording studio where his management said he is currently working on solo music, says: "I love Day26 and I just wanted to move forward with my management. I feel bad for my brothers because they don't get it, and they making me seem like the bad guy. But no, MTV don't got control of this no more, I'm telling the world the truth, it's [Day26 manager Joseph 'Screwface' Charles] Screwface, it's not Puff.

"I love all my fans and I want y'all to know I think y'all should know the truth. I'm not here trying to put anybody down but the fans deserve the truth. I love y'all and I support Day26. I just want to move on because they don't want to get their business in order. God bless them. I'm in the studio working. I'm just moving on. I wish them the best."

On Monday, Mosley spoke to MTV News about the split, adding that the friction between him and his band took place earlier this year and came to a head recently, causing him to post the video announcing his departure from the group.

"I was so confused and lost because I never had an issue with Day26," he said. "We just had to fix our business. I have nothing bad to say about them. I just want to move forward because they sent me a letter saying they don't want to work with me. ... I only had the issue with management. I don't feel protected around them now. I don't feel safe. I don't feel like they're my brothers anymore.

"They kicked me out," he continued, adding that any other negotiations with the label were made without him. "This is my business and this is my life. I don't want to be kept in the dark. I want to be in control of my business. I never had a motive."

At press time, Charles had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment, and a rep for Day26's new label Atlantic Records had no official confirmation or further information about Mosley's departure.

race issues in china

SHANGHAI, China (CNN) -- It all started with the lure of the glitz, the glamour and the dream of being China's next pop star. But, as with many reality shows, Lou Jing's instant fame came with unanticipated consequences.

Lou Jing was born 20 years ago in Shanghai to a Chinese mother and an African-American father. According to her mother, who asked not to be identified in this report, she met Lou's father while she was still in college. He left China before their daughter was born.

Growing up with a single mom in central Shanghai, Lou Jing said she had good friends and lived a normal life. "When I was young, I didn't feel any different," she said.

But as soon as she stepped into the national spotlight on a Chinese reality television show called "Go! Oriental Angel," Lou Jing became a national sensation -- not necessarily because of her talent, but how she looked.

"After the contest started, I often got more attention than the other girls. It made me feel strange," Lou said.

The reality show hosts fondly called her "chocolate girl" and "black pearl." The Chinese media fixated on her skin color. Netizens flooded Web sites with comments saying she "never should have been born" and telling her to "get out of China."
Embedded video from CNN Video

Lou Jing's background became fodder for national gossip, sparking a vitriolic debate about race across a country that, in many respects, can be quite homogeneous. There are 56 different recognized ethnic groups in China, but more than 90 percent of the population is Han Chinese. So people who look different stand out.

"We lived in a small circle before," said her mother. "But after Lou was seen nationwide, some Chinese people couldn't accept her."

It has been a shocking ordeal for someone who says she always considered herself just like every other Chinese girl.

"Sometimes people on the street would ask me, 'Why do you speak Chinese so well?' I'd just say, 'Because I'm Chinese!'" Lou said.

But, as any curious child would, Lou Jing certainly thought about why she looked different. In a clip reel aired on the show, her classmates say they tried to protect her from feeling out of place.

"She used to wonder why she had black skin," said one classmate. "We thought about this question together and decided to tell her it's because she likes dark chocolate. So her skin turned darker gradually."

Another classmate weighed in, "We said it's because she used to drink too much soy sauce."

Even Lou Jing's maternal grandmother admitted in a taped interview, "I told Lou Jing she was black because her mom was not very well and had to take Chinese medicine."

But such explanations were not enough for a voracious Chinese public. Show producers convinced Lou Jing's mom to appear on-air and asked her to address the many unanswered questions.

"Lou Jing did not ask about her father until she was sixteen years old," her mother told the audience. "She said, 'Where is my dad?' I didn't answer, I just cried and Lou Jing never asked me this question again."

On stage this time, it was Lou Jing who wept as she held an arm tightly around her mother, gripping the microphone in the other. The camera zoomed in on audience members tearing up as well.

"Lou Jing would cook dinner for me before I got home," her mother said. "I was quite sad then. In other families a girl her age would have a mom and a dad who loved her."

Although her father has been absent, Lou seemed to be curious about learning more. On the reality show, the host inquired, "Lou Jing, have you ever thought about going to find your dad, to get to know him?"

Lou Jing pauses for a moment and softly responds, "Yes, I have thought about that before."

In this way, the most private aspects of Lou Jing's otherwise quiet life became painfully public. But as the show went on, so did Lou Jing. She stuck with her daily routine, listening to Beyonce, her favorite artist, hanging out with her friends and continuing to go to school.

"I was so angry," said her drama teacher, Tao Yandong, of the Shanghai Drama Academy's School for the Television Arts. "My student had been insulted by others so of course I felt bad, too. But she told me she was fine and wasn't letting these things hurt her heart."

Watching Lou Jing laugh and gossip with her Chinese classmates today, this appears to be true. Back in her modest two-bedroom apartment, it is hard to imagine that Lou Jing and her mother are subjects of national scrutiny.

Instead, they are focused on her future. Her career goals are many, spanning from hosting a television show to becoming a diplomat "to bring people together," she said.

As a college junior, Lou Jing is thinking about graduate school applications, hoping to pursue a master's degree in foreign policy in New York City after she graduates from college.

When asked what she will do without her mother, Lou excitedly said, "My mom is going to come with me!"

Her mom shakes her head and smiles. If anything, their enduring bond as mother and daughter only seems to have gotten stronger. After all, for all their critics, there were just as many supporters.

Until the end of her run on "Go! Oriental Angel," fans continued to vote for Lou Jing show after show. The judges praised her confidence. Lou Jing was eventually eliminated before the finale, but not without a powerful parting message.

"I think I'm the same as all the girls here, except for my skin color. We share the same stage and the same dream. I've tried my best, so no matter what happens, I'll hold onto my dream."
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Word of the day

Marked by, causing, or expressing grief or sorrow.

Yesterday was not a good day in Hollywood

First we hear about the young, always smiling, bubbly Brittany Murphy Passing away at the young age of 32. Brittany was best known for her roles in "Clueless" and "8 mile". reason behind her passing is a heart attack but there is an investigation going on as we speak.

Another passing was that of Alaina Reed. Known for her roles on "Sesame Street "and "227". She past away at the age of 63 after her long battle with breast cancer...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are they serious????

NEW YORK — The cash-strapped agency that runs New York City subways and buses is considering a proposal to end the more than 60-year-old practice of giving free rides for schoolchildren, a move that could cost half a million students nearly $1,000 per year in transportation fees.

The proposal before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority board to end free rides for schoolchildren has parents wondering how to get their children to school.

"This is a crisis," said Kevin McCall, a neighborhood activist who led a protest against the proposal in front of a Brooklyn high school on Tuesday. "This is totally insane. It would make parents have to choose between food and any other necessity or a Metrocard for their child."

Adam Ufret, a concierge at a Manhattan apartment building whose three daughters use student passes, said, "I would cut my home phone and just use my cell phone, or instead of steak we'd have corned beef."

The MTA board, facing a $383 million budget shortfall, will vote Wednesday on a proposed 2010 budget that would eliminate several bus and subway lines and scale back services for the disabled, as well as phasing out student Metrocards.

Charging students full fare would end a policy of free or discounted rides that has been in place since 1948.

Some 417,243 students now receive free Metrocards and another 167,912 get half-fare cards.

The cards can be used on schooldays between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. and are good for three rides a day – to school, to one after-school activity and then home.

Word of the day

Doff: To take off, as an article of clothing.2. To tip or remove (one's hat)3.To put aside; to rid oneself of.

Sentence: it was so hot when i went inside i wanted to doff the coat i was wearing.

Question of the day

Do you believe in love at first sight?


Sunday, December 13, 2009


SO my first day in DC was pretty ok, my flight was delayed which was a tad bit annoying but wheni got to DC it was cool. I went to this club called love at night and it was cool. Amber Rose was there and her booty was amazing. i had never noticed it prior to seeing it up close and personal.
The men out here have no kind of care when a female is with a guy. I went to the club with a male friend who i was talking to the whole night and men were just coming up to me. Even after i would tell them i was with him they didnt care. they would say something along the lines of "ok thats nice" SMH.

Friday, December 11, 2009

i never understood these 2

An i STILL don't, wth is going on with his outfit??

Word of the day

Meaning: Stubbornly resistant to and defiant of authority or restraint

Thursday, December 10, 2009


VH1 Star Placed on Psychiatric Hold

Posted Dec 10th 2009 3:30AM by TMZ Staff

Monica Danger -- who starred in the first season of VH1's "For the Love of Ray J" -- was taken in on a 5150 psychiatric hold earlier this month after an incident involving her newborn daughter.

TMZ spoke with Danger's rep, who told us the reality star had some personal issues as a result of postpartum depression and spent a week in a psychiatric hospital in Northern California.

We're told people close to Danger became concerned when she suddenly shaved off her hair -- a la Britney -- after an argument with her baby's father.

But Danger's rep tells us she's now out of the hospital and doing "fine" adding, "At this time we ask all of Danger's fans for support and prayer."


Take some time out of your day to sign this petition please, she has been missing for MONTHS... the story is so sad. PLEASE take some time out of your day to sign.

Word of the day

Cogitate, pronounced KOJ-uh-tayt
Meaning: To think deeply or intently; to ponder; to meditate.

Sentence: After the intense lesson the teacher wanted the students to sit and Cogitate what they just taught to make sure they understood the work.

Now you, use it in a sentence

I love them as a couple

Even though i am NOT a fan of his and his belly in this pic is making me uncomfortable.. I still love them together, waiting for them to have a baby :-D

This is NEVER a good look!

Question/s of the days

Would you pack up and leave to be with someone you love? even if you are not sure that person would do the same for you?
What are the circumstances in which you would move to be with the person you love?

Friday, December 4, 2009

here is some of the story on pleasure p

Many of the "gossip" sites have taken the court document down. here is whet i got.

It appears we have another R. Kelly on our hands, folks: Pleasure P, former lead singer of the group Pretty Ricky, is facing allegations that he is a child molester….All Hell broke loose on Twitter Wednesday afternoon as an assistant to the lawyer who represented the “Under” crooner in a child rape case in Florida came forward with threats to expose documentation revealing that the star — whose real name is Marcus Cooper — raped numerous children during his tenure with the band.

In 2004, a family member of Pleasure P’s filed criminal charges after she learned that the singer had been molesting his niece and nephew. The accusations created discord within the group which eventually led to his dismissal. According to reports, the singer accepted a plea bargain from Broward County prosecutors in 2006, which required him to pay a “substantial” settlement in order to have the court records sealed.

Pleasure P's statememt

So we all know Pleasure P has been accused of molestation, here is his response:

"All of the recent rumors and accusations that are being circulated about me are 100% false. They are disgusting and vile; and they are being spread by individuals with their own sick agendas. The purported documents that are also being circulated are forgeries. I have never met or known anyone by the name of "AGoldstein" or Laura Goldstein or Ashley Goldstein, which I believe are fictitious names. I have never been represented by an attorney named Goldstein. For someone to go to such depths to assassinate my character and slander my good name is truly criminal. My attorneys are investigating this matter and will take all necessary and appropriate action to protect my name and reputation."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the law interpreted to meet quota?

New Yorkers Fined for Slouching on Subway

November 25, 2009 by jste123

I got robbed on the subway by the very people that were supposed to keep me safe from such unjust confiscation of my property: the NYPD.

I got on the 1 Train at 28th St at 2:00, exhausted after spending 17 hours my school, FIT.

After transferring to the 3 Train on my way home to Harlem, with one other person on the 40+ seat car, I put my feet up to relax. At 96th St, I was demanded to step off of the car. I was confused but obeyed.

A police officer explained to me the dangers of robbery on the train and that sleeping on the train contributed to that. He wrote me a $50 ticket.

The following day at 2:15 am I was again greeted by an officer at 96th St who demanded myself and another male step out of the car.

I had learned my lesson from the previous night not to put my feet up on the train and was awake and alert this time. However, with “quotas to make” loose body language and poor posture qualified as “Obstruction Seating.” The car was nearly empty.

I asked to speak with his commanding officer. He informed me that it was for the public’s protection. Days later, I observed officers at the 110th Central Park Station on the same train track at 1:30 am doing the same to other passengers.

When did slouchy posture encourage more crime or constitute as a criminal offense? WHY ARE POLICEMEN DOING THIS AT 3:00 AM?

It is preposterous to demand money from well-behaved, productive citizens. How does this make our city look to the outside world? How does this policy affect how potential tourists and future residents of the city perceive our culture?

Are YOU going to sit back and let the Big Apple to become like Washington, D.C. who fines people for eating or drinking while on the subway? The Associated Press reported on November 16, 2000 that D.C. Metro Transit Police Chief Barry J. McDevitt “mounted an undercover crackdown on violators. A dozen plainclothes officers cited or arrested 35 people, 13 of them juveniles.”

The policeman who issued me the second ticket Thursday night confided in me, when his commanding officer left of course, that he was embarrassed for having to do this and knows it’s ridiculous. But he wasn’t the one calling the shots, just following orders… He provided the number to his squad (District 3 at 145th and St. Nicholas) to file a complaint: (212) 281-5303. The officers reported to Lieutenant Parente, who reported to Captain Pisano.

Their mission as listed on is to “safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity throughout the metropolitan region.” Do you feel they are living up to that?

If this has happened to you or anyone you know, you can make a complaint directly to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau’s 24-hour Complaint Center at (212) 741-8401, click on ‘Contact Us’ on, email Mayor Bloomberg by going to or call your local media.

New Yorkers don’t tolerate nonsense like this. Please help get our story out and stop this.

Thank you,

Josh Stevens

Monday, November 23, 2009

j-lo takes a tumble

Now j-lo need to sit her 40 year old behind down. she is too old for those shenanigans. lol

Friday, November 20, 2009

Question of the day

You are in the mall shopping to go to a friends birthday celebration. You are super excited because your friend has a new man who she seems happy with ( you 2 haven't seem each other in about 4 months). While at the mall you bump into this amazing guy, just your type. you guys exchange info and part ways.

Your reach the party and sitting next to your friend is the man you met in the mall... what do u do? do u tell your friend? if so during or after the party?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Question of the day

Why is it that "Brown" missing children and adults are not looked for with as much intensity as others?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

not a good look

but im sure she and someone else finds her hella sexy * blank stare*

Question/s of the day

have you ever taken back a cheater? If not do you think you could ever take back a cheater? What are the reasons that one would take back a cheater?

Monday, November 9, 2009


shoe that make me go YUM of the week

These are Christian Louboutin's Maggie pumps. They are so sexy and available at Barneys. The color is listed as Lilac and Navy.

What's REALLY going on?

One day Tony is tonguing down Mr. Sexy for days Trey, the next she is getting a divorce... was this the kiss that broke the camels back... had she and her hubby been separated before this steamy kiss? now and days divorce is a fad. smh...

Why did i get married too trailer...

subway arrest

back story... This went on for about an 25 minutes early Saturday morning. I am mad i didn't get most of it but i did not think it would go on for so long. The lady ( who i at first believed was a guy) was either begging for money and/or running that metro card scam i didn't know which one exactly because the cop kept going back and forth. He reached his point when a man handed the lady 5 dollars and the lady said " i will put this on a card (metro)" as soon as she said that he slapped cuffs on her... at the least i was confused
The cop kept taunting her telling her she wasn't screaming loud enough, telling her to scream louder. She started crying and begging for him to not arrest her. It was sad

Question of the day

With things not as " children sensitive" as they used to be ( commercials, videos, magazines on magazine stands even news reports) how much accountability should parents take. What is the parents role in either explaining the provocative nature and/or stopping their children from seeing it.

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email me @
myseleganceby design if you are interested... prices vary.
Thanks :-D

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This is one of those cakes that should NEVER be made. I guess in some twisted way i can understand the "concept" but it is in such bad taste.

Monday, October 26, 2009


fuckery of the day... Who, what, where, why??????
Lawd save

Diary of a transitioning woman

Well as some of y'all know i have decided to give up on that creamy crack also known as relaxer. It came to me after seeing so many beautiful naturals. it made me rethink the state of my hair. I actually started transitioning by accident in march. before that for about a year i swore i was going to transition but never did. A part of that was the fear of what texture my hair would be. I feared the worst and didn't know if i was prepared for it. I am happy to say i am pleasently suprised

Well as i said by accident i transitioned with the help of full weaves.At this point i have a pretty good amount of NG ( New growth) but i am waiting until i have a comfortable ponytail before i do a BC. At first i was going to do what other transitioners(not a word) did but i realized i have to do what makes me comfortable.

Prior to transitioning i heard some horror stories about having a hard time working with both textures. For me its not so hard especially since i am transitioning with the help of weaves. I let my own hair breath for about a week or two and then i reinstall a weave.

At this moment i am in love with my texture. its not as bad as i presumed it to be. I am happy i decided to take this hair journey. I think when i cut my NG it will be a bit overwhelming but I'm sure i will be very excited and happy about my choice.

I took some pics of my progress. The one with the clip shows my NG from the clip up. I think its a pretty good length but i will wait a few more months before i cut the relaxed hair off...
For those skeptics, i am not holding on to my hair b/c i dont want to part with it BUT i would like enough of it so i can get a ponytail and/or braid to weave ( i know i can add hair but i dont want to)

Monday, October 5, 2009

since when are men with huge neck tattos sexy?o

Now, i for one love tattoos, but i cant for the life of my figure out why i am seeing more and more men with tattoos of their name ( or some other mans name) on their neck. I do not think those HUGE advertisements are attractive at all. They are so tacky. Where can one possibly work with those tatts.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My online journal

I have decided to use this blog like my online journal. I am going to get back on track with posting. i think the more personal i make it the better i will be in keeping up with it. I will still add some fashion/gossip/ and craziness,lol.

My day today was pretty ok, i went to get a follow up from the neurologist and had to leave. He has to be the slowest doctor ever. my appointment was at 9:30am and by 11 he had not even called one of his 8am patients. I was pissed and rescheduled my appointment.

While at the doctor i encountered this woman who stood right in front of me. I know you may be saying " whats wrong with that' but this lady was damn near touching me that's how close she was. I felt me personal space was violated. When i decided to move and not make a huge deal about it i glanced over to find her looking at me as if I did something to her. People these days have nerve.

I am about to get ready to head to my second concert for the week. I am not super excited but i will hope for the best. it is an "80's baby" concert. a couple of old school artist are suppose to be there. wish me luck! pictures will come soon ( of course).lol

Sunday, September 27, 2009

PLEASE view my other blog.

Friday, August 21, 2009

getting mad at the "other woman"

Now i in no way shape of form condone cheating, nor do i condone woman being the "other woman". In all intent i try to never physically get with a man that has a woman. I have found my self in situations where i may have feelings for a man while is was in a relationship but i feel that is beyond my control. my heart and head i cant really control but my body i can. My purpose of this is to try and better understand why women tend to get all up in arms about the other woman. first she is not the one in the relationship so she owes you ( being the main chick) nothing. Her first priority is herself.
I have seen and heard of women being upset to the point of becoming physical with the other woman YET the man walks away with one or both of the women or even someone that wasn't even in the equation. Women are so eager to go after another woman b4 they check the man and this is boggling to me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

what's the point of wearing pants if they are going to be hanging off your A**

This is a horrible and never ending "trend". Sadly like many things the people continuing this trend dont know when/how/or why this started. Knowing that it was first something that was practiced in jail should warrant those who wear their pants low to stop. It is said that men did this is prison to show their sexual availability. it is also said that this trend started b/c belts were not allowed which lead to sagging pants. Im inclined to choose the latter but am intrigued by the idea of the first one and the reaction that one may have when hearing this.

Its such a disgusting fashion choice. i especially HATE when i see a guy wearing their pants so low i can see their dirty dingy underwear. uggggg

*vent over*

Rocking my natural

Well not really BUT i am growing my natural hair out.
The other day i wore an afro wig. The attention and compliments were much different than i usually get. Men seemed to appreciate this afro and women either nodded or gave me a thumbs up. Of course i got some stares but they were minuscule compared to the positive motions. I have worn my afro before but never outside for a long time. I wore it during a photoshoot and to a club. This was a interesting experience of me, it made me think " are women judged based upon the type of hairstyle they wear?" I dont know the answer to that question but there was a slght shift in the responses i received with my afro

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting convo i had tonight.

One of my out lesbian friends asked " why do women fake orgasms with men so often." We found this question to be humorous but knew it to be a legit and truth based question. My answer to her ( this is what i believe) was we as women strive to "please men" we ( in general) do what it takes to make them happy and to stroke their ego. When a man realizes he is not pleasing u in bed it can lead to insecurities that may lead to his cheating or accusing the woman of cheating ( which he would blame for her not being satisfied) so to not have headache of a mans ego most women just fake it. At times faking is a force of habit, not intentional just ritual lol. it just happens and b4 one knows it, well she is screaming just because....

I also stated that just because a woman doesn't cum does not mean she isn't pleased it just means she hasn't yet reached her peek of pleasure. there is a smaller percent that a man will have sex and not cum than women. Women often have to refer to toys and/or themselves to "get off." The problem with both parties is lack of communication.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had a photoshoot in PA so i figured i share.

So sorry

I have NOT been a very good blogger. i have been traveling and being lazy. thinking about life. I will try to blog daily, i mean how do i expect to keep ppl involved right? I hope all is well for those that read. Thanks again for supporting.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

being nice leads me to know where.

I am often a nice person ( not naive). I smile wish all a great day, hope for the best. I often up for meeting new intelligent honest people and even those i may dislike i wish well. i rarely if ever speak ill of anyone and always put feelings of others before mine. try to make the people in my life happy. It makes me happy to see them smile. I try to be the best friend that I can be to those in my life.
In return i never get what I give, my feelings are often taken for granted and i usually left doing things on my own. No one has ever made me happier than I have mad myself ( minus my son and mom). Maybe i need to toughen up. *shrugs*

some pics from Michael Jackson's memorial.

a thin line

Love is a four letter word that is often abused
Love is something that is often misspoken
Love takes control of some
makes them behave in a way in which they never have before
Love is more powerful than some ever imagined
Love makes you sad
Love makes you cry
Love makes you do some crazy things

Hate is a four letter word often abused
Hate is something often misspoken
Hate takes control of some
makes them behave in a way in which they never have before
Hate is more powerful than some ever imagined
Hate makes you sad
Hate makes you cry
Hate makes you do some crazy things

There is a THIN line

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hey Y'all

So, i haven't been on here for a while. I had planned to blog so much last week and it all fell through.

Last Thursday June 25th 2009, the world lost a legend an icon. heaven got a dancing, singing, amazing angel.

Very few people outside of my family know this but i was/am a huge MJ fan. I loved to see him dance and fell in love with dance because of him. When i was younger i wanted to marry him get a chimp name babbles and move to neverland ranch(lol).

He opened the door for many "artist" we hear today. Many artist sing and dance like him. BOTH male and female. He was GREAT at his crafts!!

There will never be any one that will be as great as Michael Jackson, he will be often imitated but never duplicated.

When I heard the news i felt like i lost a family member, i was in denial for a while and then deeply saddened I didn't know how to react. I was angry, and sad.
Proceeding the day of his death, I was stuck to CNN for almost a week straight, missing my daily shows, Barley eating and having limited contact and conversations with the outside world( besides the amazing women in the MJ thread on BHM). I have been OBSESSED with MJ,his songs ( i have 7 of his albums) His videos, hisSTORY.

While he was alive he was often mocked, made fun of. Stalked, talked about, treated like someone/thing from another planet. The good he did was often over looked, in his death it continues. It sadens me that the world is seeing this man get ripped apart and he is not here to defend himself. It sadens me that the "story" is more important then his children. The children JUST lost their dad and NOW terrible things are being said about him. Things in my opinion that are NOT important. It sadens me that his "friends" are spilling the beans about "what they know" and he is not even layed to rest. It's such a sad world we live in. Such a sad reality of what people deem as important.

No matter what MJ looked like, what he was accused of i stayed a fan. I never believed the crazy, horrible allegations of him molesting a child and still to this day i don't. MJ was "different" so it was easy to believe that he was a monster, that he would do mean, evil, disgusting things. It was easy for everyone in glass houses to throw stones, it was easy. But I NEVER believed it and often kept my opinion to myself.

MJ left a legacy of GREAT music, GREAT dancing, GREAT Humanitarian, GREAT human being. What Michael Jackson meant to me was hope, beauty , kindness. He was half of what many people and entertainers try to be. His loving heart even in death continues to give to the less fortunate.

I want people to remember the 50 Million raised for Africa, the 1.5 Million donated to the MJ burn center for burn victims from his pepsi law suit. I want people to remeber that he ALWAYS had people of color in his videos. He broke barriers around the world, on MTV, on TV, on Radio. MJ was one of a kind and i will always love and miss him.

I love you Michael and you will be missed!!!