Friday, August 21, 2009

getting mad at the "other woman"

Now i in no way shape of form condone cheating, nor do i condone woman being the "other woman". In all intent i try to never physically get with a man that has a woman. I have found my self in situations where i may have feelings for a man while is was in a relationship but i feel that is beyond my control. my heart and head i cant really control but my body i can. My purpose of this is to try and better understand why women tend to get all up in arms about the other woman. first she is not the one in the relationship so she owes you ( being the main chick) nothing. Her first priority is herself.
I have seen and heard of women being upset to the point of becoming physical with the other woman YET the man walks away with one or both of the women or even someone that wasn't even in the equation. Women are so eager to go after another woman b4 they check the man and this is boggling to me.


  1. How crazy is it that I JUST had this discussion with my SO last night?!! Here is my take on it and yes I know it's not the popular point of view but IMO....I'm upset with them both! Of course I'm way more upset with my guy that he broke his promise/commitment to me than I am for the opportunistic bytch that got him to fall...BUT...she's still an opportunistic bytch for not having the common decency to check herself and respect a fellow woman. While this might be an unrealistic and maybe even prudish way of seeing things I know that if I were to ever potentially be 'the other woman' to a guy that's in a supposed loving relationship I'd like to hope that my moral judgement would keep me from going there. No 'the woman's' feelings are not my responsibility ...but why use that as an excuse to 'get yours'?? What kind of person do you have to be for that to be an acceptable excuse?

    Again ...totally the man's fault for letting it happen and I'd never take it as far as blaming or retaliating physically on 'the other woman' but I wouldn't be slow to judge her either. JMO

    (please excuse my spelling :-)

  2. I see your point and i also feel that women have very little respect for other women. We need to respect ourselves more as women which in turn would lead us to have a little bit more respect and discretion for other women.