Friday, July 23, 2010

I am not a huge fan if RhiRhi but i love this...

I think she looks lovely in this D&G off one shoulder play suit/catsuit/jumper/romper. It goes well with her hair color and the toned down black shoes go just right with this look.
( I am so out of the loop b/c i didn't know the girls hair was red)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


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My Butter experience

On Friday July 16th I went to dine out at Butter. Located at 415 Lafayette street Butter was the cross btw a restaurant and a club. walking in was like you were walking through a tunnel. the design of the restaurant was pretty nice. they had booths ( which i love) as well as regular tables. the music was blasting and the atmosphere was "live"

Our service was OK. our waitress spent more time socializing with her co-workers than waiting on Us. when she did come over she seemed to be lost or confused. her service was not horrible but it could have/ should have been better. Some of the waitress' had on very unflattering attire.

The food was blah... there was no real taste. it was eatable but not extremely tasty. I have had worst but I expected better. i would like to give butter another chance and i blame the lack of... on it being restaurant week.

Pictures added are pictures of me that day. I didn't take any of the restaurant or the food because i actually
I give butter a 3 out of 5.
one point was for the music and decor of the place

My night out @ Mr.chows

On Thursday July 12th 2010 I Visited Mr.Chows which is located at 324 E.57th street. I was excited to go because i wanted to visit earlier in the year but never got around to going. As you step in you smell the aroma of fresh flowers. The atmosphere was very calm and elegant. as we were ushered to out table I looked around to take in that atmosphere it was great. While dining you listen to the latest music of almost all genres.

The service was great the waiter ( whose name was Cruz) and the head waiter were great, we weren't bothered too much but they were attentive and helpful. At the end of dinner while we were enjoying our wine and the last bit of desert Cruz came over and sparked up a conversation with us. He was very polite and began telling us that on a daily basis there are various stars that come through the restaurant, he said that most of them were nice and down to earth.

The food was GREAT. I enjoyed every bit of it. You were able to taste the Asian but it was not over powering. I had a chicken dish with rice and string beans. I DO NOT eat sting beans. They are nasty but the way they were seasoned that night made me rethink string beans. They were delicious.

Ive inserted pics of the ambiance, food and ME :-D

I give Mr.chows 4.5 stars out of 5.

Resturant week.

Restaurant week kicked off last week Monday June 12th 2010. Restaurant week is basically a week in which certain (not all restaurants participates, go to to see which ones do) restaurants have a special menu Monday-Friday with only a few participating on Sunday. they offer lunch for as low as $24.00 and dinner as low as $35.00.If/when you are in New York up until the 25th try to take advantage of NYC's restaurant week.As for me i visited 2 restaurants last week the first was Mr. Chows, the next was Butter. I am looking forward to going to at least one more restaurant.

also PLEASE TIP YOUR waiter/waitress. Tips are not included!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Natural hair is unprofessional?

One day while heading home from a long day at work I stir up a conversation with this young lady. She was very pleasent and she was assisting me on how to clean a purse of mine. Anywho we get to talking and I make a comment on her natural hair. She thanks me and continues with the following "...even though my job says it is unprofessional". My mouth fell open. I was in shock. I began to wonder how natural hair is seen as unprofessional.

What made me write about this today was what I saw on my commute to work this morning. A women gets on the train with dress pants, a button down shirt, and RED hair. Not the natural red but the kool-aid red and it left me wondering if she was going to work. I wondered if at her job they saw her hair as unprofessional. 

What kind of world do we live in that the way someone's hair grows naturally out of their scalp is seen as unprofessional? Are we (women of color) put in uncomfortable situations because of our choice of hairstyles. When I used to relax my hair ( over a year and 4 months ago) I never imagined my choice to go natural would be seen as a faux pas in some work enviornments. Is a womans choice to be natural punished because of what society deems as "normal" in the African American/black community? I was also left to wonder if the "type of natural" you are warrents different reaction of others.  

We are not our hair. We are what we bring to the job. It sadens me that we are in a society in which the natural state of hair is not acceptable in certain settings, it also saddens me that I was blind to this. I had no idea people saw natural hair a unprofessional.One can wear a 20 inch weave with streaks but can not wear their hair in it's natural state. Interesting to say the least.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back in the day when I was young...

I know u all remember this big portable cd players we use to rock like no bodies business. Today an older man on the train during my commute to work jogged my memory of them. Not having really seen them in a while it made me giggle a bit. Not at the older man ,who I assumed was at a stage in his life to not care about things such as mp3 players, but it was at the image of me stuffing a big cd player with cd's in my purse. No one could tell me anything, I knew i was hot s*it. Boy have the times changed. It's good to have a reminder of what there was even though it wasn't that long ago. Lol

Monday, July 12, 2010

The daily grind of the commute in NYC-transit musical chairs.

Tranist musical chairs
It has to be one of the funniest things I witness is the mornings. The  
train stops, someone gets off and there is a hustle and at times a push  
and a dive to get that seat. Ppl lose all sense of manners when a seat  
become avalible.I feel the older(not senior citizen older)  asain  
women are the worst. They will do whatever it takes for them to sit  
down even if it is ONLY for one stop. When the lose the seat to someone who is just a step quicker than them they have the nerve to be upset. It's a jungle and on the subway @ rush hour it is the survival of the fittest.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

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Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron mania...

Ok enough people. Let the man live. What does he really owe anyone?

As I watched the coverage last night I silently wished. LeBron would come to Miami. Mainly for my own selfish reasons. I've been a heat fans for years and I've watch Dwayne Wade bring his team so close to the finals to only be shut down. A man should never score 40+ points and his TEAM still lose the game. LeBron would be the perfect ingredients to this teams attempts to success.

When it became official that he was going to Miami I was excited, unfortunately it seemed like I was the only one I knew that felt this way. My excitement was overshadowed by the many facebook status messages that called this man everything but his name.
LeBron mania had finally reached a head and now this person that has been loved by many is hated by all... Well not all but his home town of Ohio and New York are very bitter. Why is my question...
Ok ok so I somewhat understand Cleveland's disappointment but how long should the man have stayed?

Lebron gave the Cavs 7 years of his life and they repay him by calling him selfish and burning his Jersey??? Way to show you're a true fan! And New York, good ole New York, as much as I love my city my city was NOT ready for Lebron. He did. Not have a team. Coming to New York would have done no good and lead to the same kind of dissappointing end. I feel NY is where ppl careers come to die. The letter from the cavs owner was so low. I will chalk it up to too much to drink and emotions.

I've always said the love for the game and the drive to win is gone and these young men just want the money. LeBron has shown that he wants to win and he is willing to give up money and the spotlight to achieve it!!! Go LeBron!!!