Sunday, July 18, 2010

My night out @ Mr.chows

On Thursday July 12th 2010 I Visited Mr.Chows which is located at 324 E.57th street. I was excited to go because i wanted to visit earlier in the year but never got around to going. As you step in you smell the aroma of fresh flowers. The atmosphere was very calm and elegant. as we were ushered to out table I looked around to take in that atmosphere it was great. While dining you listen to the latest music of almost all genres.

The service was great the waiter ( whose name was Cruz) and the head waiter were great, we weren't bothered too much but they were attentive and helpful. At the end of dinner while we were enjoying our wine and the last bit of desert Cruz came over and sparked up a conversation with us. He was very polite and began telling us that on a daily basis there are various stars that come through the restaurant, he said that most of them were nice and down to earth.

The food was GREAT. I enjoyed every bit of it. You were able to taste the Asian but it was not over powering. I had a chicken dish with rice and string beans. I DO NOT eat sting beans. They are nasty but the way they were seasoned that night made me rethink string beans. They were delicious.

Ive inserted pics of the ambiance, food and ME :-D

I give Mr.chows 4.5 stars out of 5.

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