Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is one of those cakes that should NEVER be made. I guess in some twisted way i can understand the "concept" but it is in such bad taste.

Monday, October 26, 2009


fuckery of the day... Who, what, where, why??????
Lawd save me.lol

Diary of a transitioning woman

Well as some of y'all know i have decided to give up on that creamy crack also known as relaxer. It came to me after seeing so many beautiful naturals. it made me rethink the state of my hair. I actually started transitioning by accident in march. before that for about a year i swore i was going to transition but never did. A part of that was the fear of what texture my hair would be. I feared the worst and didn't know if i was prepared for it. I am happy to say i am pleasently suprised

Well as i said by accident i transitioned with the help of full weaves.At this point i have a pretty good amount of NG ( New growth) but i am waiting until i have a comfortable ponytail before i do a BC. At first i was going to do what other transitioners(not a word) did but i realized i have to do what makes me comfortable.

Prior to transitioning i heard some horror stories about having a hard time working with both textures. For me its not so hard especially since i am transitioning with the help of weaves. I let my own hair breath for about a week or two and then i reinstall a weave.

At this moment i am in love with my texture. its not as bad as i presumed it to be. I am happy i decided to take this hair journey. I think when i cut my NG it will be a bit overwhelming but I'm sure i will be very excited and happy about my choice.

I took some pics of my progress. The one with the clip shows my NG from the clip up. I think its a pretty good length but i will wait a few more months before i cut the relaxed hair off...
For those skeptics, i am not holding on to my hair b/c i dont want to part with it BUT i would like enough of it so i can get a ponytail and/or braid to weave ( i know i can add hair but i dont want to)

Monday, October 5, 2009

since when are men with huge neck tattos sexy?o

Now, i for one love tattoos, but i cant for the life of my figure out why i am seeing more and more men with tattoos of their name ( or some other mans name) on their neck. I do not think those HUGE advertisements are attractive at all. They are so tacky. Where can one possibly work with those tatts.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My online journal

I have decided to use this blog like my online journal. I am going to get back on track with posting. i think the more personal i make it the better i will be in keeping up with it. I will still add some fashion/gossip/ and craziness,lol.

My day today was pretty ok, i went to get a follow up from the neurologist and had to leave. He has to be the slowest doctor ever. my appointment was at 9:30am and by 11 he had not even called one of his 8am patients. I was pissed and rescheduled my appointment.

While at the doctor i encountered this woman who stood right in front of me. I know you may be saying " whats wrong with that' but this lady was damn near touching me that's how close she was. I felt me personal space was violated. When i decided to move and not make a huge deal about it i glanced over to find her looking at me as if I did something to her. People these days have nerve.

I am about to get ready to head to my second concert for the week. I am not super excited but i will hope for the best. it is an "80's baby" concert. a couple of old school artist are suppose to be there. wish me luck! pictures will come soon ( of course).lol