Friday, August 21, 2009

getting mad at the "other woman"

Now i in no way shape of form condone cheating, nor do i condone woman being the "other woman". In all intent i try to never physically get with a man that has a woman. I have found my self in situations where i may have feelings for a man while is was in a relationship but i feel that is beyond my control. my heart and head i cant really control but my body i can. My purpose of this is to try and better understand why women tend to get all up in arms about the other woman. first she is not the one in the relationship so she owes you ( being the main chick) nothing. Her first priority is herself.
I have seen and heard of women being upset to the point of becoming physical with the other woman YET the man walks away with one or both of the women or even someone that wasn't even in the equation. Women are so eager to go after another woman b4 they check the man and this is boggling to me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

what's the point of wearing pants if they are going to be hanging off your A**

This is a horrible and never ending "trend". Sadly like many things the people continuing this trend dont know when/how/or why this started. Knowing that it was first something that was practiced in jail should warrant those who wear their pants low to stop. It is said that men did this is prison to show their sexual availability. it is also said that this trend started b/c belts were not allowed which lead to sagging pants. Im inclined to choose the latter but am intrigued by the idea of the first one and the reaction that one may have when hearing this.

Its such a disgusting fashion choice. i especially HATE when i see a guy wearing their pants so low i can see their dirty dingy underwear. uggggg

*vent over*

Rocking my natural

Well not really BUT i am growing my natural hair out.
The other day i wore an afro wig. The attention and compliments were much different than i usually get. Men seemed to appreciate this afro and women either nodded or gave me a thumbs up. Of course i got some stares but they were minuscule compared to the positive motions. I have worn my afro before but never outside for a long time. I wore it during a photoshoot and to a club. This was a interesting experience of me, it made me think " are women judged based upon the type of hairstyle they wear?" I dont know the answer to that question but there was a slght shift in the responses i received with my afro

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting convo i had tonight.

One of my out lesbian friends asked " why do women fake orgasms with men so often." We found this question to be humorous but knew it to be a legit and truth based question. My answer to her ( this is what i believe) was we as women strive to "please men" we ( in general) do what it takes to make them happy and to stroke their ego. When a man realizes he is not pleasing u in bed it can lead to insecurities that may lead to his cheating or accusing the woman of cheating ( which he would blame for her not being satisfied) so to not have headache of a mans ego most women just fake it. At times faking is a force of habit, not intentional just ritual lol. it just happens and b4 one knows it, well she is screaming just because....

I also stated that just because a woman doesn't cum does not mean she isn't pleased it just means she hasn't yet reached her peek of pleasure. there is a smaller percent that a man will have sex and not cum than women. Women often have to refer to toys and/or themselves to "get off." The problem with both parties is lack of communication.