Saturday, June 20, 2009

If you cant trust your friends around your man then why is she your friend?

I am a firm believer in having my friends and the man in my life get along. I never understood why women go to lengths to keep their men and women apart, if your lack of trust for one of them is the reason then what are they in your life? A man is going to cheat no matter how much you keep him under lock and key. I can never have someone in my life that i cant trust around my man. maybe i will be setting my self up for failure but don't I fail if i cant trust these two individuals?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Usher getting a divorce...


In Touch can exclusively reveal that Usher and his wife, Tameka Foster, are divorcing. “The Grammy winner has been living apart from his wife for nearly a year after almost two years of marriage,” an insider exclusively tells In Touch, adding, “Usher’s primary concern is for his children. He is a great father and just wants to do what is right for them.” The soon-to-be exes have two kids together, Usher Raymond V, 18 months, and Naviyd, 6 months. And the insider says that it’s more than just talk — the divorce papers were filed in Atlanta this morning. The couple has faced problems in the past. In November 2008, In Touch reported that Usher was flirting with girls at a party in Miami, and even asked a model what she was doing afterward. And in February, In Touch revealed that although Usher flew to Tameka’s side after she suffered cardiac arrest from cosmetic surgery in Brazil, he “had no idea that she was there to have surgery.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam from Idol is gay... REALLY???? WE DIDN'T Know...

Adam-lambert-rolling-stones Im sorry to sound so sarcastic but who do he think he were really hiding it from? I would have been more surprised if he came out and said he was straight. There is nothing surprising about this big revel.

The days of "don't ask, don't tell" are over for Adam Lambert. Rolling Stone magazine has posted a preview of the cover story in which Lambert unabashedly confirms his homosexuality, and the excerpts online indicate that, from this day forward, this season's groundbreaking "Idol" expects the media and his fans to accept him for who he is, with neither scandalized whispers nor rainbow flag-waving rallies of support.

Is being single a such a bad thing

since when is being single such a horror?
When people hear i'm not married let alone single they give me this look. Its a norm in NY but usually when i tell someone that not from New York they give me this pity-full OH. I know im 29 and Single ( by choice) I don't think it's a bad thing. I'm tired of everyone and their mother trying to hook me up and not understanding why i dont want to be hooked up. Im single, im ok with it. It's not the end of the world. My last "Real Relationship" ended in such a bad way, well it ended good but ended up being the worst thing ever, three years you think you know someone and when S**T hits the fan u realize you know nothing about them. I have many reasons why i'm single, why can't people just understand that????

I love this lady ( i was a closeted *is that a word,lol* fan for YEARS)

She is looking a bit pale But even looking "scruffy" she looks good. I am more inclinedto like her "everyday wear" over her "professional" wear that her mom picks out.
I want them shoes!!!

Love can make some lose their commen sense.

While many view love as a good thing at times i wonder just how good love really is? Love can change a person and have he/she do things they are not used to doing. Love can make someone lose their morals. I have heard of women stay in relationship when their significant other has cheated on them and the reason behind it is because they love them and want to make it work. Women and men have done things that in the past they said they wouldn't do all in the name of love. Women stay in abusive relationships because they love their man and know that their men love them. I guess love hurts too ( physically that is). Love is a double edge sword and no matter how much one wants to deny it, there are ugly things done in the name of love!

There was a prom quess chosen for the Prom BUT my winner did not win.

She is my choice. There were some very beautiful dressed women but she stood out to me. Very classy and sheik. she gets my vote.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I though that as i got older the gossip mill would slow down. boy was I wrong. I admit i think as human beings we all gossip BUT some go above and beyond. They make it their duty to point out the WRONGS of another. i think that pathetic. in some instances someone will make up a lie just because... whats sad s often it's women and many times its those that smile in the face of the same people they spread lies and rumors. i will never get it but i have learned to deal with it and keep it moving!

The Prom was amazing

I had a blast. I loved my dress even though i wanted it to be a tad bit longer. There were beautiful/ well dressed men and women and i was happy too see it. I got DRUNK. 2 shots of patron will do that, i also had some champagne. I saw the man that makes my heart "jump" but he also makes me MAD... some friends came out as well... all in all i had a good night.

Friday, June 5, 2009


A day of well dressed ADULTS drinking, dancing and Enjoying the night.
congrats to all the 2009 graduates!!!