Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My daily commute

my commute from the Bronx to Brooklyn can be quite interesting. Its the many acts of rudeness that often gets me. the people pushing to get in while there are many still left to get out. The bigger than little people trying to squeeze into a spot they KNOW they can not fit in, the person who feels the need to let the whole train hear their hip hop music stored on their phone. The variety of entertainment is non-stop. The words excuse me and I'm sorry are a non existent concept and people stare at you through their shades that the think are dark enough to hide their gaze.

OMG... Kids have no shame, lol

I am at my job and one of the kids are in the restroom, she is in there for a while so i say " what are you doing hurry up" she screams at the top of her lungs " im doing dodo" all i can say is OK. kids can care less if everyone knows they are doing number, i found this to be so cute.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


OMG, it is Soooo cold outside. The wind is bone chilling. What boggles my mind is how UNDER dressed people are, people are wearing bubble vest and a simple hood sweater under...
Girls are playing cute wearing thing jackets with no hats and/or scarves on. I see people looking at me with envy b/c of my BIG long coat that looks and feel warm. I truly hate that coat because it is extremely big and bulky BUT it was so needed these past few days.