Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had a photoshoot in PA so i figured i share.

So sorry

I have NOT been a very good blogger. i have been traveling and being lazy. thinking about life. I will try to blog daily, i mean how do i expect to keep ppl involved right? I hope all is well for those that read. Thanks again for supporting.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

being nice leads me to know where.

I am often a nice person ( not naive). I smile wish all a great day, hope for the best. I often up for meeting new intelligent honest people and even those i may dislike i wish well. i rarely if ever speak ill of anyone and always put feelings of others before mine. try to make the people in my life happy. It makes me happy to see them smile. I try to be the best friend that I can be to those in my life.
In return i never get what I give, my feelings are often taken for granted and i usually left doing things on my own. No one has ever made me happier than I have mad myself ( minus my son and mom). Maybe i need to toughen up. *shrugs*

some pics from Michael Jackson's memorial.

a thin line

Love is a four letter word that is often abused
Love is something that is often misspoken
Love takes control of some
makes them behave in a way in which they never have before
Love is more powerful than some ever imagined
Love makes you sad
Love makes you cry
Love makes you do some crazy things

Hate is a four letter word often abused
Hate is something often misspoken
Hate takes control of some
makes them behave in a way in which they never have before
Hate is more powerful than some ever imagined
Hate makes you sad
Hate makes you cry
Hate makes you do some crazy things

There is a THIN line

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hey Y'all

So, i haven't been on here for a while. I had planned to blog so much last week and it all fell through.

Last Thursday June 25th 2009, the world lost a legend an icon. heaven got a dancing, singing, amazing angel.

Very few people outside of my family know this but i was/am a huge MJ fan. I loved to see him dance and fell in love with dance because of him. When i was younger i wanted to marry him get a chimp name babbles and move to neverland ranch(lol).

He opened the door for many "artist" we hear today. Many artist sing and dance like him. BOTH male and female. He was GREAT at his crafts!!

There will never be any one that will be as great as Michael Jackson, he will be often imitated but never duplicated.

When I heard the news i felt like i lost a family member, i was in denial for a while and then deeply saddened I didn't know how to react. I was angry, and sad.
Proceeding the day of his death, I was stuck to CNN for almost a week straight, missing my daily shows, Barley eating and having limited contact and conversations with the outside world( besides the amazing women in the MJ thread on BHM). I have been OBSESSED with MJ,his songs ( i have 7 of his albums) His videos, hisSTORY.

While he was alive he was often mocked, made fun of. Stalked, talked about, treated like someone/thing from another planet. The good he did was often over looked, in his death it continues. It sadens me that the world is seeing this man get ripped apart and he is not here to defend himself. It sadens me that the "story" is more important then his children. The children JUST lost their dad and NOW terrible things are being said about him. Things in my opinion that are NOT important. It sadens me that his "friends" are spilling the beans about "what they know" and he is not even layed to rest. It's such a sad world we live in. Such a sad reality of what people deem as important.

No matter what MJ looked like, what he was accused of i stayed a fan. I never believed the crazy, horrible allegations of him molesting a child and still to this day i don't. MJ was "different" so it was easy to believe that he was a monster, that he would do mean, evil, disgusting things. It was easy for everyone in glass houses to throw stones, it was easy. But I NEVER believed it and often kept my opinion to myself.

MJ left a legacy of GREAT music, GREAT dancing, GREAT Humanitarian, GREAT human being. What Michael Jackson meant to me was hope, beauty , kindness. He was half of what many people and entertainers try to be. His loving heart even in death continues to give to the less fortunate.

I want people to remember the 50 Million raised for Africa, the 1.5 Million donated to the MJ burn center for burn victims from his pepsi law suit. I want people to remeber that he ALWAYS had people of color in his videos. He broke barriers around the world, on MTV, on TV, on Radio. MJ was one of a kind and i will always love and miss him.

I love you Michael and you will be missed!!!