Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting convo i had tonight.

One of my out lesbian friends asked " why do women fake orgasms with men so often." We found this question to be humorous but knew it to be a legit and truth based question. My answer to her ( this is what i believe) was we as women strive to "please men" we ( in general) do what it takes to make them happy and to stroke their ego. When a man realizes he is not pleasing u in bed it can lead to insecurities that may lead to his cheating or accusing the woman of cheating ( which he would blame for her not being satisfied) so to not have headache of a mans ego most women just fake it. At times faking is a force of habit, not intentional just ritual lol. it just happens and b4 one knows it, well she is screaming just because....

I also stated that just because a woman doesn't cum does not mean she isn't pleased it just means she hasn't yet reached her peek of pleasure. there is a smaller percent that a man will have sex and not cum than women. Women often have to refer to toys and/or themselves to "get off." The problem with both parties is lack of communication.

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