Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron mania...

Ok enough people. Let the man live. What does he really owe anyone?

As I watched the coverage last night I silently wished. LeBron would come to Miami. Mainly for my own selfish reasons. I've been a heat fans for years and I've watch Dwayne Wade bring his team so close to the finals to only be shut down. A man should never score 40+ points and his TEAM still lose the game. LeBron would be the perfect ingredients to this teams attempts to success.

When it became official that he was going to Miami I was excited, unfortunately it seemed like I was the only one I knew that felt this way. My excitement was overshadowed by the many facebook status messages that called this man everything but his name.
LeBron mania had finally reached a head and now this person that has been loved by many is hated by all... Well not all but his home town of Ohio and New York are very bitter. Why is my question...
Ok ok so I somewhat understand Cleveland's disappointment but how long should the man have stayed?

Lebron gave the Cavs 7 years of his life and they repay him by calling him selfish and burning his Jersey??? Way to show you're a true fan! And New York, good ole New York, as much as I love my city my city was NOT ready for Lebron. He did. Not have a team. Coming to New York would have done no good and lead to the same kind of dissappointing end. I feel NY is where ppl careers come to die. The letter from the cavs owner was so low. I will chalk it up to too much to drink and emotions.

I've always said the love for the game and the drive to win is gone and these young men just want the money. LeBron has shown that he wants to win and he is willing to give up money and the spotlight to achieve it!!! Go LeBron!!!

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