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the law interpreted to meet quota?


New Yorkers Fined for Slouching on Subway

November 25, 2009 by jste123

I got robbed on the subway by the very people that were supposed to keep me safe from such unjust confiscation of my property: the NYPD.

I got on the 1 Train at 28th St at 2:00, exhausted after spending 17 hours my school, FIT.

After transferring to the 3 Train on my way home to Harlem, with one other person on the 40+ seat car, I put my feet up to relax. At 96th St, I was demanded to step off of the car. I was confused but obeyed.

A police officer explained to me the dangers of robbery on the train and that sleeping on the train contributed to that. He wrote me a $50 ticket.

The following day at 2:15 am I was again greeted by an officer at 96th St who demanded myself and another male step out of the car.

I had learned my lesson from the previous night not to put my feet up on the train and was awake and alert this time. However, with “quotas to make” loose body language and poor posture qualified as “Obstruction Seating.” The car was nearly empty.

I asked to speak with his commanding officer. He informed me that it was for the public’s protection. Days later, I observed officers at the 110th Central Park Station on the same train track at 1:30 am doing the same to other passengers.

When did slouchy posture encourage more crime or constitute as a criminal offense? WHY ARE POLICEMEN DOING THIS AT 3:00 AM?

It is preposterous to demand money from well-behaved, productive citizens. How does this make our city look to the outside world? How does this policy affect how potential tourists and future residents of the city perceive our culture?

Are YOU going to sit back and let the Big Apple to become like Washington, D.C. who fines people for eating or drinking while on the subway? The Associated Press reported on November 16, 2000 that D.C. Metro Transit Police Chief Barry J. McDevitt “mounted an undercover crackdown on violators. A dozen plainclothes officers cited or arrested 35 people, 13 of them juveniles.”

The policeman who issued me the second ticket Thursday night confided in me, when his commanding officer left of course, that he was embarrassed for having to do this and knows it’s ridiculous. But he wasn’t the one calling the shots, just following orders… He provided the number to his squad (District 3 at 145th and St. Nicholas) to file a complaint: (212) 281-5303. The officers reported to Lieutenant Parente, who reported to Captain Pisano.

Their mission as listed on www.mta.info is to “safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity throughout the metropolitan region.” Do you feel they are living up to that?

If this has happened to you or anyone you know, you can make a complaint directly to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau’s 24-hour Complaint Center at (212) 741-8401, click on ‘Contact Us’ on www.mta.info, email Mayor Bloomberg by going to www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html or call your local media.

New Yorkers don’t tolerate nonsense like this. Please help get our story out and stop this.

Thank you,

Josh Stevens

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