Friday, December 4, 2009

here is some of the story on pleasure p

Many of the "gossip" sites have taken the court document down. here is whet i got.

It appears we have another R. Kelly on our hands, folks: Pleasure P, former lead singer of the group Pretty Ricky, is facing allegations that he is a child molester….All Hell broke loose on Twitter Wednesday afternoon as an assistant to the lawyer who represented the “Under” crooner in a child rape case in Florida came forward with threats to expose documentation revealing that the star — whose real name is Marcus Cooper — raped numerous children during his tenure with the band.

In 2004, a family member of Pleasure P’s filed criminal charges after she learned that the singer had been molesting his niece and nephew. The accusations created discord within the group which eventually led to his dismissal. According to reports, the singer accepted a plea bargain from Broward County prosecutors in 2006, which required him to pay a “substantial” settlement in order to have the court records sealed.

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