Saturday, April 4, 2009

As big as New York is, it sure seems small.

The world is a small place,lol i have always found this funny. I transfer that saying over to New York is a small place. I would swear for everyone i know there is 6 degrees of separation. I never believed in that until recently.

It seems like everyone knows everyone,people i went to school with knows people i party with, people i hang out with knows people i grew up with. Its kind of spooky. I get emails and phone calls asking how do i know this person and where did i meet that person.

I'm glad that for the most part I have been a good girl. Some would say boring, I say cautious. I am rarely rude and always told I am " a nice girl" *insert devil smile here*. NOW that we have facebook and Myspace ( even though the hype of that is passing) the world can only get smaller. Sometimes I don't want to be known. I just want to be me, in my own little world, with a few of my friends. I have had people approach me in the street as well as in a club and say " hey i know you from..." isn't that scary?

Many aim to be "popular" i don't. I like to remain the girl that no one knows and no one knows about ( even thought this is partially true) i have a recognizable face but, very few TRULY know me. I try to be as private as possible because the more people know about you the easier they can hurt you

Sometimes i feel like New York is shrinking around me. I can't imagine living in a place smaller then New York. it has to be crazy.

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