Monday, April 20, 2009

A sad trend with black owned buisnesses

In NYC the restaurant Maroons has closed its doors. It saddens me because this was a great place to eat, very good food and cozy as well. I hope every supports our black owned establishments. Its a beautiful thing to support our people. I hope they will open up again soon!

Dear Maroons Customers,

With great regret we are sorry to inform you that due to the continuing downturn in the economy that Maroons Restaurant will be closing its doors. It has been our pleasure and honor to serve you over the past 10 years. Every customer was like family to us and we will miss you all very much. We thank you for your support and loyalty over the years and hope to see you again in the future.

Our final days of operation will be this Wednesday, January 28th, Thursday January 29th and Friday January 30th. (We will be closed Monday January 26th and Tuesday January 27th) Please join us as we celebrate 10 wonderful years!

Food, Family, Home-

Arlene Weston and Maroons Management


  1. i was so excited about them opening up a new location, and now this! I cant

  2. I was so hurt that one of my favorite restaurants closed. I was planning to go there last week. I love to support my people especially when the service is excellent. I really hope that they open up again. :(