Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You see everything on the NYC subway

One can see the funniest, weirdest most entertaining things on the subway. SO on my way home i saw them bone breaking guys that were on Americans best dance group. OMG they look more amazing in person. there was one of them that was very, very talented.
Then i get on another train and it was this guy who was venting at first about ppl being rude but then he ask if he could borrow 90 bucks from one of us, he then proceeds to tell us that he lives on the train and he is hiding from his wife. I'm telling you he cracked me up. Even though its illegal i give those who entertain me money. no more than a dollar but i think its worth it, they did entertain me.


  1. I stay giving out my to the boy with new jordans and marmots on ever week...that is about 20 yrs old...selling chocolate...not for no basketball team, but to keep him off the streets.

    I see him all the time, when Im going to harlem...Hell I even know he has tattoos all over his body, b/c I'm used to his summer wear as

  2. LOL, I feel you on that. There was this one panhandeler who was asking for money one day when i was on the train. At first i thought he had no legs but he was just on his knees, I dug into my bag to give him something and happened to glance at him. He had on Gucci sneakers and expensive jeans ( i forgot which ones). I sucked my teeth and put my money right back in my bag.