Sunday, April 5, 2009

Leaving your home looking presentable

Today as i was going on my walk I strolled pass these young ladies. I would they were at least 15 years old. Usually I take my music with me when I walk but I decided not to for today. Well these young ladies were talking pretty loud and it caused me to look. ALL THREE of them had head scarves on. I was so disgusted. I couldn't understand why they would think wearing a head scarf in public was something to do.When I say scarf I am not speaking of the scarves that are worn for fashion usually silk, I am talking about the aunt Jamima(sp) scarves ( is that pc?)

Now of course this is not the first time i have seen this but it probed me to ask. Do people not care how they look in public. Yes these young ladies were children , but isn't that where it starts? As teenagers aren't they very conscious about what they are wearing and how they look? I am the first to admit, i dress down when i go to the local stores because I like to be left alone ( even though this does not work) BUT dressed down is totally different from dressing poorly. I always tell my son to make sure he is neat when he goes outside no matter where he is. No matter how much we may try to deny it appearance is important.

I think it is important to leave your house looking like your always going somewhere. My mom always told me you never know who you will bump into or when you will pass out (lol) so always look your best. To this day I try my best to look presentable.

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  1. Whenever I workout I always wear a scarf or hat. My hair gets in my face a lot and I hate it and with these high Oklahoma winds I cant afford to walk down the street, get a hair in my eye and get hit by a

    If I am going somewhere I do make sure that I look presentable. It take 5 minutes to put on a decent top and a pair of jeans, you can lotion your legs and arms in the