Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheap -Vs- Inexpensive

YES there is a difference. I HATE cheap looking stuff... I don't care how much you paid for it the style and material can make an item look cheap. Cheap shoes are a definite NONO. if you buy shoes with a plastic heel the guess what IT WILL MORE THEN LIKELY BREAK! Your feet are important, put care in what you put in them. Spend a little money on buying shoes that wont hurt your feet.
Cheap cloths. If u wear something and it doesn't suit your body it will look cheap 9 times out of 10. Step one. check the material of the clothing, step 2 try it on and make sure your body type doesn't cheapen it... i know that sounds crazy but believe me it goes a long way. Step 3 (if possible) get an honest opinion. NOT from someone that has a hard time being honest but from someone that will be honest no matter what!

Inexpensive is something that doesn't cost much BUT can be rocked and no one else is the wiser. I am not a label Whore even though i have many labels. I like what i like, it doesn't matter how much it cost. I have a dress that cost 550 next to a dress that cost 40 bucks right next to each other and you cant not tell the difference. You dont have to spend a ton of money to look nice just take the time out to do so.

Oh and just because something is instyle doesnt mean it's for everyone. leggings NOT FOR EVERYONE... head bands NOT FOR EVERYONE ( im speaking of the Indian style ones) Belly shits NOT FOR EVERYONE. poffy skirts NOT FOR EVERYONE... Low rise jeans NOT FOR EVERYONE ( crack is wack). Dress for your body type and no one else. I am not one that goes with whats in i just like what I like. but some people try so hard and do such a bad job because they are trying to keep up with trends.

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  1. so very True-
    Its all about how you work and style your items.