Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is me... Take me how i am or not at all.

Even as a child i was a little "different" I was never apart of the "norm" never wanted to be in the "incrowd" but for some reason I knew everyone in the "incrowd". I have always been looked at with a side eye, weather it was my hair style or my outfit choice. one day I will have a fro the next a pony tail and the next a long weave, thats me.

I have never aspired to be like anyone, dont have fashion icons never had hair icons, i just like what I like. I dont conform to what is in nor do I "try" to be different. My thinking is, if you try hard to be different aren't you like everyone else TRYING to be different?

Living in the world and specifically New York you have to have a back bone and a tough exterior even if you are crying on the inside. People will talk ESPECIALLY if you have something they want. I walk pass and see many whisper and i know its about me i smile and keep it moving b/c i will continue to be me.

At 29 years old i never thought drama, chit chat, gossip, and even she said she said would exist in my world, but sadly it does. Of course at first when u realize you are the center of gossip you feel a sharp pain, but i compare it to a slap. It stings at first but its kind of irrelevant so it wears off after a while. I get over things easy a) because it doesn't alter my world b) im still me and c) its not that serious. I wish more people would live like that because i see so many people especially women that allow gossip to affect them. I am me and will not change for anyone so accept me as i am or not at all!

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