Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A few things I look for in a man

s1) Ambitions and driven, there is nothing sexier
2) nice smile, pretty teeth great smile
3) He has his own. He doesn’t have to do for me. I just like for him to do for himself
4) Intelligent. Im not talking college educated is a must, i know idiots who have degrees.
5)He is good parent if he has a child. And will accept the fact that I have a child
6)Has a sense of humor. I love to laugh and tend to be attracted to those who can make me laugh
7)He has to be taller than me, I wear heels 99.9% of the time so they must be taller than me with heels on
8)Dark skin, I love chocolate men EVEN THOUGH. Light skin men usually approach me ( that’s for Ashante' b/c she has a smart mouth, lol)
9) Can dress, I love a man with style
10) Treats me like a lady. I don’t ask for much but I want to be treated as if I am special... Because well... I am!!
11) Does not smoke.
12) Unique... I rather the person that is willing to take a risk and stand out then someone trying to blend in, but not someone that has to be in the spotlight ( they may be confusing but I know what I mean, lol)
13)Easy going... because i am
14) Is NOT always in the club unless it’s their job and even then only when they MUST be there.
15) Accepts me for me, with my flaws attached. No one is perfect I would never expect perfection from anyone and I expect the same
16) Supportive in what i do and want to do in the future
17) He wants to get married
18) Honest, I hate Liars, just be honest
19) Respectable… In no way shape or form is disrespectful towards me, stands up for me when necessary.
20) Cherishes me for all that I am and all that I give him!
The funny thing is… My list is so easy but to find a man the exudes these qualities is hard. Many will say well that’s me but truth be told, its not!

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