Thursday, March 12, 2009

my top 10 pet peeves about night life

1) Now and days EVERYONE gets bottle service, which leaves VIP packed with many people who have no home training and wants more then anything to get attention
2) Females that come to clubs on the train half naked... like really half naked.
4) Females that wear shirts as dresses, they make dresses that resemble shirts its not that hard.
5)Guys that like to touch... Keep your damn hands to your self.
6)DJ's/hype men that talk more then they play music. Just play the damn song and shut up
7)People who just walk back and forth in the club, this causes so much congestion and no room to dance
8) Ladies that acts like a whore but demands to be treated like a lady at the end of the night
9) Guys that get pissed off because the girl he purchased a drink for doesn't want to give him her number.
10. The "mature" crowd acting like they have no sense!!!

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