Friday, April 16, 2010

Your child can lie too

working in child care for may years has taught me a lot of things. The first thing and most important is, don't jump to conclusions just because a child is saying it. Children are starting to lie more and more and it is becoming very dangerous. being a teacher is a tough job besides everything your career cnd be in the hands of the very students you teach.
Today a parent came up to me and said his child said a teacher ( not his teacher) hit him in the head with a toy hammer. instantly my gut told me this was a bogus story BUT b/c of my don't jump to conclusion policy as well as the concern of the parent and my job as the director i had to investigate it. to make a long story short the child told me that the teacher didn't do it no one hit him and that he didn't know why he said what he said.

This is one of my students that yearns for attention, he acts out, he throws tantrums, whatever it takes. he is a very smart child but his impulsive behavior makes him difficult.
After speaking to the parent he admitted that children can lie and that he was happy i took the time out to sort it out ( of course i would have) he didn't seem mad or put off but the whole situation has me questioning a lot of things in this profession.

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