Thursday, April 29, 2010

On the real ( do people say that any more?) where the heck is my RHWO ATL?!?!?! these other crazy chicks are ok but where is my boughetto NeNe and pit

where the heck is my RHWO ATL?!?!?! these other crazy chicks are ok but where is my boughetto NeNe and pitiful fake barbie Kim? i know rumor was they weren't coming back but i want them back, they made the show...
in the mean time in between time NeNe has been getting her self in some mess.

Charles Grant can go ahead and forget about Nene Leakes standing behind him as he faces involuntary manslaughter charges… Nene and her husband Gregg both released statements today pledging their devotion to one another. Pop the hood to check ‘em out!

Not only does Nene deny even really knowing Charles “like that,” she also claims she has NEVER cheated on Gregg:

“Greg and I are still together – not separated or divorced. I have not left my husband for NFL player Charles Grant, and I don’t know how those rumors started. Charles Grant is no more than a casual acquaintance of mine since hosting one of his charity events in Atlanta about a year ago. I really have not had any contact with him since the Super Bowl, where I congratulated him for his big win along with other fans. I have never cheated on my husband, and reports of infidelity on my part are simply untrue. Like any married couple, we’re going through some marital problems, and working toward a path of recovery that’s personal and private. Our marital issues have nothing to do with infidelity on my behalf.”

We gotta give her props on one thing. Gregg must love her dirty drawers because this man backs her up on EVERYTHING!!! Not content to let his wife’s words stand on their own. Gregg issued a statement of his own:

“I stand behind my wife 100 percent! NeNe and I have been married for 13 years, and she has been a faithful wife to me. We are a normal married couple, going through ups and downs, just like any other couple. Yes, we’re experiencing a marital storm right now, but I believe with God’s guidance, we’ll get through it. Right now, our marriage is not a perfect one, but rumors and innuendos, accusing my wife of infidelity has been damaging to the reputations of NeNe and Mr. Grant. I am not an injured party, and accusations that NeNe has done something to hurt me or jeopardize our family are false and far from the truth.”

Nene, we don’t blame you girl… Make it work with your husband because um, that other dude is looking like the only NFL team he should be playing for is the “BAD NEWS” Bears.

**back story**
Real Housewives Of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has fallen for ‘bad-boy’ NFL star Charles Grant as her marriage to husband Greg Leakes crumbles. The hulking 6-foot-3, 290lb former New Orleans Saints defense linesman was indicted on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in Feb 2008, after pregnant Korynda Reed, 23, was shot to death outside a Blakely, Georgia, nightclub. Grant has always claimed that he was innocent in the horrific crime. His trial is set to begin May 3.

“Greg and NeNe split up a few months ago and she is still living in the family home while her husband comes and goes. He knows about Charles Grant but NeNe says that she is s free woman now and can do what she wants. Greg really loves NeNe and he wants to save the marriage but they have a lot of problems right now.”

The feisty reality star has fallen hard for 31-year-old Grant who has told her he is innocent of the shooting of Reed and her unborn child, the source says. Grant – who lives in Louisiana – is trying to get a new contract with the Atlanta Falcons so that he can be closer to NeNe, a former stripper who has found fame on the Bravo reality series.

The NFL star also has relatives in Atlanta and sees Leakes every time he visits the area while she has jetted-out to various locations to see him too. The source adds: “NeNe believes that somebody is innocent until proven guilty and she is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“In addition Greg and NeNe’s marriage has been under pressure since the arrest of his stepson Bryson.

“NeNe is now the main bread winner and she wants a more lavish lifestyle which is something that Grant could give her if he lands a multi-million dollar new contract.

“It’s unlikely she will file for a quick divorce while she is still on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta but she has told friends that she has developed strong feelings for Grant and that does not bode well for her marriage.”

Leakes, 42, who is originally from Queens, New York, met her current husband while she was working as an exotic dancer called Silk at an Atlanta club.

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