Thursday, April 29, 2010

I know im late but...

I just finished watching Oprah. It was the episode that Monique's brother was being interviewed. That interview was very weird and disturbing to me. I feel that the family was more concerned with how the family "looked" rather than what her brother has actually done to Monique. I felt as if they were saying she didn't have the right to go public with what happened b/c a) it wasn't discussed with them first and b) after the molestation she was "sisterly" with her big brother.

People react different in situations, no one knows why she did not instantly hate her brother but it obvious that she thinks he is a monster now, why take anything away from that? allow her to be in her feelings. allow her to go through her pain as she see's fit as long as it is not illegal and/or unhealthy.

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