Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When family is Just that...

At times i envy the lives and family of others. The function that they have. the togetherness that I see. That is something I feel is lacking in my family. Dysfunction 101. I love the member that belong but many i do not like. At times I feel like an outcast because I have different ideals and ideas of life. I strive to be the opposite of what i witnessed growing up. I strive to give my son the best and to have the best role models in his life. My mother is my #1 role model. She has always done her best to put family first even the the fires and storms. She has the biggest heart in the world and with out her I wouldn't be where I am.
Is there a law somewhere that says family must be friends? A phone call here and there, a visit now and again but i don't think i can have too much of various members. Some are only meant to love from a distance. *sigh* does that make me a bad person?

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