Thursday, May 21, 2009

The true definition of a "friend"

This is something i feel many people misconstrue. Knowing someone for x amount of years does not automatically make someone your friend. Hanging out with someone on ocassion ( specifically on at the club) does not make some one automatically your friend. Actually let me rephrase... does not make someone automatically MY friend. I have many people in my life but a very limited about of friends. My true friends and i are really nothing like one another ( odd right). I think that's what keeps the friendship thriving. The idea that we are almost completely different YET we still have a strong connection.
My friends
have been through think and thin with me.
The don't judge me even if they may disagree with me.
They know me better then anyone ( or so they think, lol).
They know i am the PMS queen, my attitude is a mile a minute but my love is quadruple that.
Makes the same sacrifices for me that I make for them.
Keeps me sane and level headed
Tells me the truth even when they know i may NOT want to hear it.
Doesn't turn their back on me even when i make them mad
I love my Friends very few people get that title. My friends are my extended family.

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