Monday, May 4, 2009

Men , I find them to be so funny

SO the other day i went out for the first time in a month. It was for a very good reason. A friend i have known for years is getting his masters so I had to fo it was well worth it. Anyway i planned on leaving early but decided against it b/c i was having so much fun. When the end of the night came i exited alone ( i actually came alone... whoaaaaaaaaa,lol)

I get outside walk to the corner to flag a cab and this guy approaches me, he was about 5 feet tall and not attractive, telling me how he wants to take me shopping and such. i looked at him and rolled my eyes thinking this would make him want to leave, well he didn't. I think it actually turned him on ( freak). He kept coming up to me, I told him he was too close and to back up, while we were there another guy approaches and kindly excuses the other guy, he then complemented my shoes (which caught my attention). Anyway the guy starts talking to me. I walk to hale a cab (which was hell). so the guy and I talk for a while he says he is single, blah, blah, blah. In the middle of the convo he slips and says "my girl is...". I look at him and say " why did you feel the need to lie? you werent going to get anywhere and now you just lost what could have been a good friend b/c you lied." He was stuck with a stupid look on his face and then tried to explain himself, of course i didnt want to hear it.
I honestly dont understand men, I feel liberated that when I meet me I express to them my stand on "relationships" at this moment. I enjoy saying im dating me, and am happier then i have ever been.

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