Wednesday, August 18, 2010

PGH interview

What is your current form of employment?
Jewelry Making

My reason for choosing you to interview is because you are a young/black buisness woman. Tell me your trade of choice?

What started you on this path?
My love for accessories, and the passion to stand out in a crowd

Are there days you want to give up?
No, of course I get frustrated but once I am over my emotional ride I just focus even more

What keeps you going and doing what you do?
My children and my hunger for success

With children how do you find the time to work on your craft?

My children are pretty independent and they know when they see mommy crafting that I am working. I try to do most of it in the evenings and when they are asleep. During the day they are also gone so I have free time to work on things as well What is your biggest success?
I consider my biggest success to be my first sale, that was the icing on the cake it was God telling me its ok and I can do this What is your biggest regret?
No regrets here, if I have regrets, I was not serious about what I can and will do What would you like people to say/think about you?
I can't worry about what anyone thinks or what they have to say because everyone is not on the same page, but I hope I present myself well to others and the report is outstanding, but I can never expect any thoughts from other to go my way 100%

Do you consider your self different or a everyday kind of person ?
I am everyday inside, but my exterior I am unique for sure lol but in a fun way

There are a lot of people out here with the same hustle, what sets you apart from them?
My hunger, my passion and the LOVE I have for my own product

If you can choose any job in the world to have no matter the pay what would it be?
Fashion Stylist for everyday people such as myself who have the hunger for the unique exterior : )

What is it that you do that keep customers coming back?

I am very personal with my customers, its not just the dollar sign, I like to consult and make sure they are full aware of what they purchase from me. Presentation is key as well, its so easy to throw them in a zip lock bag but I prefer to make them smile when they receive their ear candy

Does your personality come out in the pieces you make?

For sure !! I am known for wearing obnoxious accessories from jewels, belts, bags and shoes so this is natural for me when I come up with a new piece and its hard to not keep them for myself lol

Where can someone contact you if they are interested in something of yours ?

Well I am on face book under distraction bybeautydoll and I can be reached via email at

I know some would be wondering why I interviewed a fellow accessory maker so I must say this. There is a mutual respect we have for one another. I mainly work with metal, crystals, leather and chains. And she with feathers applique etc. We both dibble and dabble in the others main function but we have nothing but respect for one another.

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