Monday, August 30, 2010

Little black...

Shoe... Just like the little black dress i think this is a MUST in all women wardrobes. There are many variations of the little black shoe, the classic black pump is a MUST HAVE. This shoe is so versatile, it can be worn on an interview, to dinner, to work, to an after work gathering. It has both a classy and fashionable appeal. The next Must have is the peep toe. These too have the appeal of many aspects. What is important about the little black shoe is the simplicity of it. No flowers, no rhinestones, not glitz, just a black shoe with a nice size heel. I personally own many pairs of black pumps and peep toe, different brands, different heel size, leather and patent leather.

These are 2 pair of my favorites. The first is My guess pumps. I purchased these a few years ago and i love how they feel on my feet. The heel is 4 1/2 and they make me feel sooooo sexy. The next pair are my Jessica Simpson peep toe which i also have in patent leather. These are all so sexy. i love them. so much so... I had to get it in leather and patent leather. the heel on these are 5 inches.
if i dont have a pair i suggest you go out and get a pair.

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