Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shampoo Vs ME

Shampoo won today. It was PAST time for me to wash my hair... with shampoo. I used Pantene the Curly line. As much as i hate shampoo i must say this one happens to like my hair. When i usually wash my hair with shampoo it feels like sand paper after but this pantene does not quite do that to my hair. I use a half dollar size amount of  shampoo for the first time, i lather my hair the best i can and wash it out, then i use another half dollar amount and lather well. I only shampoo my hair twice. Then i soak it with My Aussie conditioner and comb out the tangles in four parts. Doing this is a long process. By the time im done with this wash im exhausted, hair feels great.
When i was done i put on some "Herbal essence long term relationship" and my mixture of coconut/jojoba oil.

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  1. That Aussie Moist has been a GODSEND for my sister's hair!!!!