Friday, February 25, 2011

Hair today

 Hey everyone. I have decided to keep a hair diary. While I do have a youtube page i don't cover all the trials and tribulations I go through with my hair.

In the month of March I will make 2 years of being "natural" For the first year and a few months into the second I transitioned. During my transition i did not have many problems with my hair. towards the end of my transition my hair started to get tangled. The tangles drove me crazy so i cut my relaxed ends off. After cutting my relaxed ends I noticed I had some damage which caused me to cut more off especially the top where most of my tangles were. I wanted to cry but decided against it. I didn't really tell anyone because i figured it wasn't a huge deal.

The month after my BC I went through a lot of products. It took me 3 months to actually get somewhat of a grip on my hair. I finally kind of had a reggie, i realized that my hair NEEDS lots of water. I have to wash my hair 3 times a week (more in the summer) if its not in a lasting style. I MUST moisturize daily( even though my laziness sometimes get the best of me i try my best to do so). Shampoo is my enemy and i use as little as i can b/c it dries my hair out something serious. I do Acv rinses which helps with the build up.

Ive watched various youtube videos and i have YET to see someone with hair like me, Ive seen ppl who come close but not like me, at first I was like Ugggg, then i said "welp I guess i have to figure this thing out on my own". I learned that some styles that i love my hair will never achieve i started to get upset with my hair but then as time went on i started to embrace it. I am now IN LOVE with my hair. and like all love we have our ups and downs, like today for instance... i look like a real live chia pet. My hair is dry and all over the place begging to be I will grant its wish and wash her later tonight.

Ive added a few pictures of my Journey Thus far... more to come...

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