Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New York Fashion week...

So as some of us know New York fashion week started February 9th 2011 and end February 17th 2011, they start at 9am and end at 9pm. How interested is the average New Yorker in Fashion week?If they are anything like me they get pretty excited. Unfortunately getting into seeing one of the shows is not as easy as one may think. you have to know someone that knows someone and i got confirmation today when asking someone how THEY got into the shows, i was basically told... you have to know somebody that knows somebody.
Not being able to get into the shows kinda takes the steam out of fashion week for some of us. So every year I simply watch the recaps on TV and wish i was lucky enough to visit the "tents".
Ironically for some reason this season i don't feel fashion week is "all the rave" as it has been seasons passed.... maybe its the horrible weather we have had to endure or maybe its the idea that the "average" working new yorker is more worried about working, parenting, going to school, and/or paying the bills.
I guess with this reality my wanting to go is a bit shallow

. Shallow as it is its still on my "TO DO LIST". Maybe I will get a shot to go to the spring 2011 fashion week who knows....

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