Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who shouldnt wear white after Labor day???

When is after Labor day actually? When can one wear white again? Who came up with this rule? Well I may get a ticket from the "fashion gods" because Labor day was Monday and I wore stark white jeans, with AX white shades. I have never understood this "fashion rule" I LOVE my winter whites. I think it compliments my chocolate complexion *bats lashes* (lol). I think i want to protest this rule... Wait I think I did today.
Moral of the story?
Wear what you want!


  1. Cheers!!! I wore white today too. I will wear white WHENEVER I feel like it!!!

  2. I'm with Kali! It's actually an unwritten rule from southern women, but who care?! I wear white all year long and could care less who has a problem. I love how it looks against my golden brown skin. Lol