Saturday, September 18, 2010

America's Next Top Model Vent

I am so sick and tired of all of the " typical ghetto" black girl "approaching" the white racist On ANTM. They are the epitome of what that " sheltered" white girl dislikes and probably envison all black ppl as: loud, ghetto, and ignant ( yup). Why must they feed imto the stero type? it erks me to no end. If its not the confrontational black girl it's the angry black girl. I love/d me some Tyra but she has to do better. Why must they always cast the loud. neck rolling, hands clapping black girl? Why? I just don't get it. I was happy to see that she didn't make it far because she did not need any more air time, but that doesn't take away from the uneasy disappointed feeling i got when seeing the air time she did receive.

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